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  FAQ for Teachers

What are your requirements for being an Online Teacher?
We ask that all of our Online Teachers possess at least a Masters Degree or PhD. By setting this high standard we not only ensure that our Online Teachers are well qualified and have lots of educational experience, it is also a great way to reassure our clients that their questions will be in good hands. We also consider relevant experience to be highly beneficial, whether it’s tutoring experience, or experience pertaining to your field of study.

What kind of questions do the students ask?
They ask all kinds of questions. The majority of the questions are from undergraduate level students but we also have high-school students and graduate students. We recognize over 60 subject areas such as English, math, geography, art history, physics, and many more. Some questions are short-answer math questions, some students ask to have concepts explained, some are longer questions, and we also have Essay Critiques. Since it is up to the students to place their bid, you can make anywhere from $4 - $70 per question.

Am I under any obligations if I sign up?
No. You are under no obligations to answer questions or check in unless you accept a question. If you accept a question you MUST have it answered by the deadline. Failure to do so may result in suspension from our database.

I have submitted my application. Now what?
Submitting your application is the first step. You will be able to sign-in using your e-mail and the password you selected, but until you receive confirmation that you have been approved (by the next business day) you may only view your profile and are unable to see the Question Pool.

How does the Credit system work?
To use our services, students must purchase Credits. These Credits cost a student $3.99. When a student posts a question they must decide how many Credits they wish to offer. Teachers receive 60% of the Credit value. Therefore a 10 Credit question cost the student $39.00 (plus admin fees) and the teacher receives $23.40. Each Credit should represent approximately 7 minutes of the teacher’s time.

How do I accept a question?
You must sign in using your e-mail and password. The Question Pool is where you will find all the questions and Essay Critiques. Before accepting a question you must look at the question, make sure you can view its attachments, make sure you can answer it by the deadline, and decide whether the Credits offered are enough. You may then choose to accept it.

How do I answer a question I have accepted?
After signing in you must go to your Inbox. This is where all questions you have accepted can be found. To answer a question click on it and write your answer in the answer field OR add it as an attachment.

How are Online Teachers paid?
Technovate Scholastic pays our teachers through PayPal, a free to use money transfer service. Teachers are paid through PayPal by the 5th of every month when they have accumulated over $25. Teachers receive 60% of the Credit value (1 Credit = $3.99, 60% = $2.49).

Can I contact you?
Of course! Please e-mail Support@HomeworkSolutions.us or call (416) 222-2896 x224.

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