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  FAQ for Students

Is HomeworkSolutions.us's service free?
No. You should definitely avoid using any homework help site that claims to offer free or cheap homework help and offers no guarantee of the quality of service.  Our prices are very reasonable. A question can be answered for as little as $3.59.

How does the HomeworkSolutions.us system work?
We operate on a CREDIT system. Upon signing up as a student you are able to purchase Credits. Each Credit costs $3.99 U.S. You are required to have Credits in your account order to post questions or order essay critiques. We have several packages available. 10 Credits offer savings of 5%, and our 15, 25, and 50 Credit packages all offer savings of 10%. Buying in bulk is a great idea because the Credits never expire.

How do the Credits work?
When posting a question you are asked how many Credits you wish to bid. Each Credit represents approximately 7 minutes of an Online Teacher’s time. Therefore you must bid according to how much you feel the answer is worth and according to how much time and effort you expect from an Online Teacher. A tight deadline will require a more generous amount of Credits than a question with a long deadline. 

Who will be answering my questions?
At HomeworkSolutions.us we use Online Teachers. Each Online Teacher has been thoroughly screened to make sure they meet our strict requirements. In order to be accepted, our Online Teachers are required to possess a masters Degree or PhD in at least one of over 60 subjects. Many possess multiple degrees and have years of teaching experience. Many Online Teachers are working professionals in their field of study and have published works or conducted research, so you know they have what it takes to help you..

What if my question is not answered?
If your question is not answered it is likely because you have not offered enough Credits. Remember that a teacher will spend 7 minutes per Credit. You may have also given a deadline that is too short for the work or perhaps you did not include enough information or failed to attach your question file. You may contact Support@HomeworkSolutions.us to extend your deadline or offer more Credits. If your question is not answered your Credits will be returned to your account for future use.

Do you offer refunds?
We do not refund money for Credits purchased. Certain conditions may necessitate the return of Credits to your account. 

Can I contact you?
Of course! You may e-mail us at Support@HomeworkSolutions.us with any questions or comments. You may also call during regular business hours at (416) 222-2896 x224.

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